Losse wielen van gegoten polyurethaan


1Main specifications


Mould-on polyurethane, hardness 95 Shore A.

Wheel centre body

Cast iron.

Standard executions

  • RBL: hub directly made into the centre. The wheel hub is designed to be easily reprocessed to obtain a keyway or housing for clamping. Any further reprocesses on the wheel must be carried out with maximum working temperature up to 80°C, (recommended max limit temperature during normal use of the product) to prevent degradation of the polyurethane coating.Ideal solution for equipment with drive wheels.
  • RSL: hub with ball bearings. Ideal solution for heavy loads and continuous moving.
2General information


Excellent smoothness and elasticity features, high wear and tearing resistance.

For selection parameters see  Technical Data-.

RE.F4 wheels are supplied also with bracket:

  • RE.F4-H: wheels with steel sheet bracket to be used for medium-heavy loads.
  • RE.F4-WH: wheels with electro-welded steel bracket to be used for heavy loads
  • RE.F4-WEH: wheels with electro-welded steel bracket to be used for extra-heavy loads.

Environmental conditions

Suitable for use in environments with the presence of atmospheric agents, alcohols and glycols; use in environments with the presence of organic and mineral acids, basic solutions and saturated vapour is not recommended.

Rolling resistance - force / load applied

The diagram shows the force to be applied to a wheel to keep it moving at the constant speed of 4 km/h, according to the applied load.

The intersection point with a 50N value is the maximum transportable load with a manually actuated 4-wheel trolley; in fact, 200N = 50N x 4 wheels is the maximum force that may be supported by the operator according to the regulations in force regarding work safety.


Mechanical moving with towing devices

For mechanical towing, please see the technical specifications to determine the capacity variation.


If operating temperatures in an application differ from the standard range of values, please see the technical specifications to determine the capacity variation.

3Special executions on request

Hole with keyway in compliance with UNI 6604, UNI 6607 e ISO 2941 (RBL version).

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Stat.belast. unit 1


dyn. draagkracht cap.unit


201511695 RE.F4-100-RBL
€ 22,50
30 40 1500 100 45 5000 55 3000 15
201511705 RE.F4-125-RBL
€ 25,55
30 40 1300 125 60 6000 60 4000 20
201511715 RE.F4-150-RBL
€ 41,80
40 50 3700 150 60 9100 70 7000 20
201511725 RE.F4-200-RBL
€ 56,17
40 50 4600 200 60 15000 70 9500 20
201511735 RE.F4-250-RBL
€ 129,76
60 80 11000 250 80 28000 95 16000 40
201511745 RE.F4-300-RBL
€ 222,19
80 100 21200 300 100 42000 120 25000 50