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Technische informatie

Onderstaande documentatie in pdf-formaat bevat een uitgebreide technische omschrijving van diverse producten.

Kan je de gewenste informatie die je zoekt niet vinden in onderstaande lijst,  neem dan contact met ons op. Wij helpen je graag verder.

Assembly instructions for indicators
Ball joints
Ball Transfer Units GN 509 / GN 509.1
Castors and Wheels
Cross Holes GN 110
Cylindrical Gas-BSP Threads DIN 228
Explanation Profile Systems
FC.M12x1 - Extensions with M12x1 connector
Flexible Automation Components
Gravity position indicators
Handwheels indicators
IP Protection Classification
ISO Fundamental Tolerances DIN ISO 286
ISO Metric Threads DIN 13
Keyways DIN 6885
Levelling Feet GN 148
Load Rating Information - Cabinet "U" Handles
Load Rating Information - Hinges
Load rating of Indexing plungers
Longitudinal Scales GN 299
Material Properties Carbon Steel, Zinc Alloy, Aluminium, Brass
Material Properties Duroplast
Material Properties Elastomer
Material Properties Technopolymer, Rubber
Material Stainless Steel
Modular roller tracks - ELEROLL
No-Slip Disk
Operating Instructions MPI-15
Overview Assembly Sets GN 965
Plastic hinges - Guidelines for the right application
Positive drive indicators
Range - Ball Lock Pins
Range - Cam Action Indexing Plungers
Range - Clamp Mountings
Range - Column Level Indicators
Range - Hinges
Range - Indexing Plungers
Range - Levelling Elements
Range - Magnets
Range - Power Clamps
Range - Tube Clamp Connectors
Safety Handwheels
Square Holes and Shafts DIN 79
Strength values of bolts/nuts
Table of possible combinations Bases/Stems
Technical Data General
Telescopic Linear Slides
Thread Locking MVK (Micro Encapsulation Precote)
Thread Locking PFB (Polyamide Patch)
Toggle Clamps
Universal Joints
Vibration-damping elements
Warnings for an effective protection of the Reed switches
Retaining screw with six-lobed socket to fit TORX®
Transmission elements
Overview Assembly Sets GN 968